World Hydropower Congress ends by setting the stage to Power Sustainable Growth in the lead up to COP28

The 2023 World Hydropower Congress welcomed the hydropower community from over 300 organisations and 50 countries who came together to power sustainable growth.  

President of IHA, Malcolm Turnbull commented:  

“Sustainable hydropower is the backbone of future energy systems. The 2023 World Hydropower Congress provided an excellent opportunity for hydropower to demonstrate its crucial role in the journey to net zero. The importance of advancing sustainable hydropower in powering sustainable growth was underscored by His Excellency President Joko Widodo.”

President Joko Widodo the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia welcomed delegates to the World Hydropower Congress with a commitment to the ongoing development of sustainable hydropower in Indonesia. He commented:

“I hope the World Hydropower Congress will help with international collaboration for sustainable hydropower to help develop a sustainable green global economy.”

The Hydropower Sustainability Alliance (HSA) was launched, marking a huge step forward for sustainable hydropower.  

The HSA is a multi-stakeholder non-profit organisation governed by a combination of public and private sectors that enhances transparency in the sector through its rigorous sustainability assessment, certification system and robust capacity building programme.  

Leading figures and projects within the hydropower industry were celebrated this week at the World Hydropower Congress for their commitment to sustainable hydropower.

This year, Hydro-Québec’s Eastmain-1 Development was the winner of the International Hydropower Association’s coveted Blue Planet Prize with particular merit for their work engaging indigenous groups. The facility was the first to receive the Gold-level certification under the Hydropower Sustainability Standard.  

Former IHA President Roger Gill and China Three Gorges Board Member Zhilin Wang were both recipients of the Mosonyi Award, which recognises individuals who have made a major contribution to the hydropower community.  

Congratulations also go out to the new Honorary Fellows – which are high-level individuals, usually from outside IHA’s membership, who through their actions have promoted sustainable hydropower.

Finally, a key outcome of the 2023 World Hydropower Congress was the release of the Bali Statement on Powering Sustainable Growth. It states that sustainable hydropower must be the backbone of national strategies to build thriving, low carbon economies bolstered by clean, renewable energy.    

This is the key message of the Bali Statement, which following the consultation phase, has provided four recommendations to policymakers to ensure this necessary collaboration can take place.  

  • Planning for future energy needs.
  • Incentivising sustainable hydropower development through financial and market-based mechanisms.  
  • Accelerating the development of renewables through transparent and efficient permitting and licensing processes.  
  • Incorporating hydropower sustainability practices into government regulation and financial sector obligations.

The World Hydropower Congress was made possible with the support of our sponsors.  


“KHN is pleased to have been part of the 2023 World Hydropower Congress organised by the International Hydropower Association. By supporting this Congress, we join the global community to advocate for renewable energy development and cleaner energy solutions. Together, we unite and work towards a clean energy future,” said Antony Lesmana, CEO of PT KHN.  

China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG):  

"China Three Gorges Corporation is honoured to be a Strategic Partner of the World Hydropower Congress. As a leading clean energy company in China with a distinctive track record in hydropower, the conversation around sustainable hydropower is a crucial one to support."

Sarawak Energy:  

“Sarawak Energy believes in IHA’s vision and has been a proud member for many years. As a strategic partner of the World Hydropower Congress; Sarawak Energy highlights the reality of the climate crisis and sends a message to the energy industry that they must intensify efforts to work together collaboratively towards a more sustainable energy future,” Sharbini Suhaili, Group CEO of Sarawak Energy.

Andritz Hydro:  

“Andritz is not only a proud member of IHA, but also an important partner for hydropower in the region with a strong home base in Indonesia for many decades. The opportunity the World Hydropower Congress in Bali this year has provided to supercharge sustainable hydropower and take our message onto COP28 is vital. We look forward to a clean energy future with hydropower playing a central role.” says Frédéric Sauze, Member of the Andritz Executive Board and CEO of Andritz Hydro.


“On the condition of global climate change, CISPDR is committed to sharing experience and wisdom in sustainable development of hydropower and other renewable energy. The 2023 World Hydropower Congress provides a great platform to showcase our technology, experience and innovation in the hydropower and renewable energy, we look forward to establishing cooperation with the participants and achieving common development.”

GE Vernova:  

Frederic Ribieras CEO GE Vernova Hydropower commented: "It was great to be at the World Hydropower Congress to meet with our partners and discuss sustainable hydropower as a key enabler of the energy transition. As the only renewable and dispatchable source of electricity, hydropower is essential to keep the lights on with low-carbon electricity. Additionally, pumped storage facilitates the large-scale integration of renewables, stabilizing the grid. Collectively, we need to take decisive and urgent actions to enable this technology even more as we electrify and decarbonize the world."


“This year, the world’s hydropower community gathered in Bali, Indonesia at the 2023 World Hydropower Congress to discuss ways forward in combating climate change with hydropower. SPIC, a responsible corporate citizen of Indonesia, pledges to support the event, so that tangible outcomes can be delivered to COP28 to make the voice of the hydropower community heard worldwide.”

Voith Hydro:  

“This congress has been a great occasion to meet decision makers, innovators and experts from industry, governments, finance, civil society and academia. It is a unique platform to discuss how hydropower can help making net zero targets a reality” says Voith Hydro CEO, Dr. Tobias Keitel. "The event has once more underlined that hydropower is the backbone of renewable energy.”

Yalong Hydro:  

“We enjoyed connecting with other hydropower developers and showcasing our experience with variable renewable energy development throughout Sichuan at the World Hydropower Congress.”

Kalla Bukaka:

“By supporting the World Hydropower Congress, we hope hydropower will light up Indonesia with zero-emission energy.”

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