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Artelia Group

Artelia, one of France's leading independent engineering, project management and consulting groups, are among the top fifteen consulting engineering firms in Europe with 8,600 employees and a gross revenue of €934 million in 2022. The group carries out projects in more than 100 countries and has offices around the world.  

Artelia is a multidisciplinary independent group offering a full range of engineering-related services over the mobility, water, energy, building and industrial sectors. From the largest dams (over 200 m high) and plants (7,000 MW) to micro hydro run-of-river schemes, Artelia delivers the full range of engineering, technical and advisory services to build and rehabilitate hydropower projects in a sustainable manner and in compliance with the highest Environmental and Social standards.

“Hydropower is one of the oldest sources of low-carbon energy and has all the assets needed to meet the challenges of demographic growth, improved quality of life and the essential energy transition. To achieve these objectives, our world-renowned experts design and implement highly technical projects with strong environmental ambitions,” Sébastien Pailhès, Executive Director of Water, Energy, Environment & Africa, Middle-East commemorated Artelia’s membership.

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