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Bizbell is an independent power producer and a strategic investment manager based in Nepal. Founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, planners, and researchers in 2014, it has a team of highly experienced professionals in the clean energy sector. Bizbell has a portfolio of 1000 MW in renewable energy and offers impact-based return of investment.  

Upper Chuwa LurupyaKhola PRoR Hydroelectric Project under Bizbell with 103 MW capacity in Humla.

As a responsible investor, Bizbell is focused on driving change for a sustainable world while engaging in the community. Bizbell is developing 70MW of hydropower that closely follows the International Finance Corporation’s sustainability framework in the remote, western part of Nepal. This aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7: “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.”  

“As Nepal is considered to be the fourth most vulnerable country on the planet due to the harmful effects of climate change, it's our priority to strike the right balance between sustainability and economic development. We need a holistic approach to protect our natural resources for future generations and sustainable hydropower projects are great examples of how we can do this. I strongly believe that environmental and social risks should factor in all stages of hydropower project development, and we are committed to sustainable hydropower.” - Sushil Pokharel, Co-founder at Bizbell

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