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China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG)

CTG was founded on September 27, 1993 for the construction of the Three Gorges Project. It follows a two-tracked development approach with focuses on clean energy development and environmental conservation of the Yangtze River.

CTG's clean energy business encompasses hydropower, wind power, solar power, and other renewable energy sources. It has established the world's largest clean energy corridor with 6 large hydropower stations along the Yangtze River. CTG’s environmental conservation business focuses on sewage treatment along the Yangtze River to fundamentally improve the quality of urban water environment.

With a successful track record in the energy market of China, CTG has evolved into a global clean energy provider. By the end of 2023, CTG’s total installed capacity has reached 146 GW with business presence in nearly 20 countries and regions across Africa, Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia, of which 96% is from clean energy.

With "Empowering a greener world" as its motto, CTG follows international ESG initiatives and practices to share the benefits of growth and is committed to making contributions to the green transition in economic and social development.

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