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Established in 1994 in Svitavy, in the Czech Republic, Energo-Pro focus on the ownership and operation of generation facilities and distribution grids in the Black Sea region and Colombia. Their vision is to position themselves as a leading hydropower operator and distributor and supplier of electricity in the countries where they operate, meeting energy demand and serving the needs of actively developing regions.

With over 9,000 employees, they operate the largest utility in Georgia and are the largest privately-owned generator of electricity from hydropower in Bulgaria. They follow a strategy of international expansion by building up their asset base and developing it over the long term. Energo-Pro own, operate, and manage hydroelectric power plants (“HPPs”) and infrastructure networks for the distribution and supply of electricity. They have a total installed capacity of 857 MW (34 hydropower plants with an installed capacity of 747 MW and a gas turbine power plant with an installed capacity of 110 MW).Serving more than 2.5 million grid customers with 10.4 TWh of electricity distributed in Georgia and Bulgaria.

Energo-Pro conduct business in a responsible and sustainable way to achieve a stable financial return balanced with long-term growth and the fulfilment of their commitments to the community and the environment. They have a renewable power generation of 2.5 TWh (with 99% of electricity generated from hydropower sources).

Petr Z. Milev CEO and Member of the Board of Directors for Energo - Pro commented:

“Since we began our sustainability journey many years ago, we have made a significant step forward in fulfilling our commitment to developing hydropower sustainably and the deployment of ambitious environmental, social and governance standards (“ESG”). Almost all our generated electricity is clean energy, and the carbon footprint of our distribution and supply business is modest. We believe that expanding sustainable hydropower generation will play a key role in the decarbonisation of the planet by diminishing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.”

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