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ERHARD is one of the most important manufacturers of valves in the world with over 150 years of experience. Its success story began in 1871 when Johannes Erhard founded a small workshop in Heidenheim, Germany, for producing brass water taps.

Today ERHARD supplies valves for all sectors of the water supply industry in all size ranges, from domestic service lines valves to valves for power plants with nominal widths from DN40 to DN4000.Customized and tailor-made, all-in solutions valves as well as valves especially designed for safety applications define the core of our product range.

ERHARD offers complete solutions to problems in field of valves, including the corresponding technical calculations, combined with great specialist competence and many years of experience in the field of Hydropower.

With already hundreds of Hydro powerplants equipped with ERHARD valves we are proud of our contribution to generate green energy and look forward continuing this mission.

Managing Director of ERHARD Franz Josef Niedermeier says: “Product quality, reliability, technological competence, solutions for difficult applications in the water industry, where it is a matter of managing and keeping the energy in the water under control at different positions in the water cycle. This is where ERHARD has simply developed its reputation and built its reputation, for many decades providing individual solutions that ensure high reliability in the application and also in the process itself.”  

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