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GE Renewable Energy

GE Renewable Energy is a $15 billion business which combines one of the broadest portfolios in the renewable energy industry to provide end-to-end solutions for our customers demanding reliable and affordable green power.

Combining onshore and offshore wind, blades, hydro, storage, utility-scale solar, and grid solutions as well as hybrid renewables and digital services offerings, GE Renewable Energy has installed more than 400+ gigawatts of clean renewable energy and equipped more than 90 per cent of utilities worldwide with its grid solutions. With nearly 40,000 employees present in more than 80 countries, GE Renewable Energy creates value for customers seeking to power the world with affordable, reliable and sustainable green electrons.

GE believes in combining the power of water and digital intelligence. Smarter and more connected, our hydro plants no longer just generate power, they store it and deliver it to the grid with an unmatched level of predictability, flexibility and efficiency. The hydropower energy we deliver improves access to healthcare, sustains agriculture, develops industry and mitigates water challenges. Most importantly, it brings education and high-quality jobs. GE takes pride in being a trustworthy long-term social partner creating value locally.

Together with its customers, GE has paved the way for an energy mix more respectful of our environment and our societies.

GE reinvents hydropower to unleash its true possibilities and build a cleaner world that works better.

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