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Greenko Group was founded in 2004 and develops and operates clean energy projects in India.

Its portfolio includes solar, wind, hydropower and natural gas assets. Through these assets, the group generates and sells electricity to state utilities, private customers and other electricity transmission and trading companies. Greenko is headquartered in Hyderabad, India.  

Greenko is one of the world’s leading energy transition and decarbonisation solutions companies, with an installed Renewable Energy capacity of 7.5 GW across wind, solar and hydropower.

It plans to have projects of 50 GWh of storage operational by 2025. Additionally, another 50 GWh of storage are planned in the subsequent years taking total storage capacity to 100 GWh.

Greenko aims to be amongst the lowest cost producers of green hydrogen in the world. Greenko will establish electrolyser gigafactories capable of delivering 2 GW per annum of electrolysers. Additionally, Greenko will establish green Ammonia production capacity of 3.1 MTPA within the next four years.




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