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Hülskens Sediments GmbH

Based in Germany, Hülskens Sediments GmbH are a leader in reservoir desedimentation technology, specialising in the sustainability of operational reservoirs.

Hülskens Sediments combats siltation at hydropower dams, reservoirs and fire suppression ponds, guaranteeing the long-term availability of hydropower facilities. Their advanced technology and services including SediMovers® and the ConSedTrans® system ensure automated desedimentation with minimal disruption to operations. The company prioritises environmental considerations and ensures government requirements are met by protecting natural sediment continuity, biodiversity and essential areas.

On joining IHA, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Gross, Managing Director commented: "Sustainable hydropower is the cornerstone of our clean energy future, and with sustainable sediment management, we ensure that this foundation remains strong, reliable and environmentally responsible."

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