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Hydro-Québec is among the world’s largest hydropower producers.

Hydro Québec generates more than 99% of its electricity from water, a source of clean renewable energy. Our hydropower system is vast, with over 60 hydroelectric generating stations connected to a robust grid with close to 260,000 km of transmission and distribution lines. Fifteen interties link our system to Québec’s neighboring markets in Canada and the United States. Québec hydropower can be part of the solution to the major challenges facing North America by reducing GHG emissions and ensuring a secure supply of electricity in support of the clean energy transition.

The company’s ongoing focus on sustainability has earned it the top spot in Corporate Knight’s ranking of Canada's Best 50 Corporate Citizens. Hydro-Québec has consistently ranked among Canada’s five best corporate citizens over the past four years.

Hydro-Québec applies the principles of sustainable development to all phases of its projects, from the planning stages with the involvement of host communities, to operation, during which we continue to dialogue with stakeholders and maximize the benefits of our activities in these communities.

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