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HYDROGRID makes hydro a power for the future with real-time predictive planning: The HYDROGRID Insight production planning solution combines powerful machine learning algorithms for inflow and power price forecasting with intelligent optimisation across the short, medium and long-term horizon for run-of-river, pondage, storage and cascade hydro-assets, all in one integrated and fully automated software package. This enables hydro power operators to react in real time to weather events, minimize water losses and maximize their power market revenues in a fully automated way while ensuring environmental and operational safety and compliance.

The company, founded 2016 in Vienna, was awarded the national digitalisation award in 2019 and currently operates in Europe, North and South America with plans to expand its offering to South East Asia in the near future. At the heart of HYDROGRID's business model lies the belief that through the provision of cutting edge, machine-learning technology, real-time adaptive solutions, and expertise, they can assist customers in achieving their sustainability aspirations and promote sustainable practices in hydropower production worldwide. HYDROGRID strives to enhance the resilience of communities and their water systems in the face of climate change and an increasingly volatile power market, while encouraging future investment in hydropower.

Janice Goodenough, CEO, HYDROGRID:

“The need for a transition to zero carbon future is today more clear than it ever has been and hydro power has a crucial role to play in this transition, due to three characteristics: hydro is the largest source of renewable energy, with 60% of all global renewable energy produced. Hydro also has the capability to provide reliable baseload energy 365 days per year, giving it a crucial role in terms of security of supply. Lastly, hydro also has the power to provide natural storage capacity to the grid in the form of storage and pump storage hydro and this storage capacity is available in existing hydro plants without the need for significant capital investments or the mining of rare earths. This means hydro has the power to act as a ‘green battery’ to the grid and is essential to enable the integration of the new renewables, wind & solar.  

My hope is that, by joining IHA, HYDROGRID will increase its impact on a hydro powered energy transition and add its voice to those advocating for sustainable hydropower.”

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