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Intertechne was founded in 1987 by a group of engineers who had been working with hydropower for more than three decades. The company is based in the city of Curitiba, capital of the state of Paraná, in Southern Brazil, situated right at the source of the Iguazu river, one of the best in the world for hydropower generation.

Intertechne started with the design of hydropower projects as its focus, but has since added other design and management areas, as dams in general, subways, airports, roads, solar and wind plants, switchyards and transmission lines, oil and gas projects and, more recently, mining and railroads.

Intertechne has been involved, mainly on the design side, in most of the main hydropower projects implemented in Brazil in the 21st century, as Belo Monte(11,000 MW), Santo Antonio (>3,000 MW), Teles Pires (1,800 MW) and many others and has also had a leading role in iconic projects abroad, as Laúca (2,100 MW) in Angola and Chaglla (450 MW)in Peru. Today the company is involved in important modernization and refurbishment projects, of which Ilha Solteira, Jupiá and São Simão in Brazil and Cahora Bassa in Mozambique are examples. Intertechne’s team is also involved in new greenfield projects, as Aña Cuá in the border between Argentina and Paraguay, Baynes, in the border between Namibia and Angola, Las Placetas in the Dominican Republic and many small hydro schemes in Brazil. In addition to the hydroelectric sector, Intertechne has been involved in various solar and wind plants in Brazil and abroad, performing due diligence, feasibility, basic and detailed design of parks ranging from 10 MW to 800 MW, including the self-financed development of a PV park with 450 MW, from the beginning.

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