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Natel Energy

Natel Energy is a technology & engineering company working to support healthy rivers, promote biodiversity and decarbonize the grid through hydropower that is safe for fish. Natel's novel FishSafe™ runner designs have demonstrated safe through-turbine fish passage while operating at conventional blade speeds and maintaining high turbine hydraulic efficiency. Through rigorous testing and refinement, Natel has achieved fish passage survival rates of 98-100% across multiple fish species and life stages. Natel conducts feasibility studies, performs fish passage and performance testing, and works with leading turbine manufacturers to implement their runner designs worldwide. Natel is a privately held company located in Alameda, California in the United States.

A cornerstone of the global energy supply, hydropower is the third largest source of electricity and a critical building block of a reliable carbon-free grid. However, it can also be detrimental to fish and other aquatic life and the ecosystems and cultures that rely on them.

Natel’s FishSafe™ Restoration Hydro Turbine (RHT) designs present a new market standard for hydro turbines, combining high-performance power generation, flexible configuration, and high fish survival rates. Upgrading old hydro assets with state-of-the-art RHTs can increase energy production and ensure safe downstream fish passage — reestablishing plant lifetime while improving environmental baselines.

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