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State Grid Xinyuan Company Ltd

State Grid Xinyuan Co., Ltd (SG Xinyuan) was established in March 2005, with a registered capital of RMB 10.286 billion yuan. Of the shareholding, 70 per cent is taken by State Grid Corporation of China, and 30 per cent by China Three Gorges Corporation.

SG Xinyuan is mainly responsible for the development, construction, operation and management of pumped storage power stations, and shoulders the basic mission of ensuring the security, stability, economy and clean operation of the power grid.

By the end of 2017, the total asset of SG Xinyuan was RMB 84 billion yuan. It has 55 subsidiary companies with a total capacity of 54 GW, which are distributed over 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in China. Among which, there are 40 pumped storage power stations with a total installed capacity of 49 GW, and eight conventional hydropower stations with an installed capacity of 4,984 MW.

The company has carried out feasibility and pre-feasibility studies of pumped storage projects with a capacity over 40 GW, and is the world's largest peak regulation and frequency control power supply company.

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