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Established in 2014, SuperGrid Institute is an independent privately owned company with over 150 employees of more than 20 different nationalities. Based in Lyon and Grenoble (France), the Institute is a key player for energy transition in France and throughout Europe, specialising in innovative high and medium voltage direct current (HVDC and MVDC) power systems.

SuperGrid Institute provides technological solutions and services for its clients and partners to accelerate the development of future power grids and the massive integration of renewable energies, improving efficiency while ensuring the stability and security of the network.

Main activities include:

• identifying and addressing the technological challenges faced by our partners and customers.

• co-developing solutions and products with European industrial and academic partners.

• offering high value-added testing, expertise and research services.

The “power storage and balancing” department is dedicated to improving the flexibility of energy storage systems, particularly hydropower assets, whether by working on hydraulic issues, new technologies such as variable speed or the hybridisation of different storage systems.

As an active R&D key-player in Europe, SuperGrid Institute is also involved in several European funded projects, in particular XFLEX Hydro, LOLABAT and BILASURF.

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