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Sweetch Energy

Founded in 2015 and based in Rennes, France with around 30 employees, Sweetch Energy is a renewable energy player specialising in osmotic energy, committed to a carbon neutral world.

Osmotic energy is generated by harnessing the difference in salinity between fresh river water and sea water when they meet. It has the advantage of not being subject to weather conditions and can produce green electricity on a permanent basis. It is 100% natural, renewable and massively available across the planet. While the most optimistic projections foresee current renewables not exceeding 50% of global electricity production by 2050, adding osmotic energy could increase this share to over 65%.

Thanks to Sweetch Energy’s game-changing INOD® technology, osmotic power becomes a new pillar of the global electricity mix as it is the only solution in the world that can continuously convert saltwater into clean electricity at a competitive price. Based on the latest advances in nanotechnology, INOD® is also unique in that it is manufactured entirely from eco-friendly materials and occupies limited floor space.

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