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Terna Energy S.A.

TERNA ENERGY, member of GEK TERNA Group, is a leader in clean energy. With a strong portfolio of almost 2.000 MW of RES projects (installed or under construction), TERNA ENERGY is the largest investor in the RES sector in Greece and the biggest Greek company in the sector worldwide, being also present at the USA (~510MW installed capacity), Poland (~102MW installed capacity) and Bulgaria (~30MW installed capacity). TERNA ENERGY has more than 8.000MW of RES in various stages of permitting process in Greece.

Having invested approximately € 2 billion so far, TERNA ENERGY continues its dynamic growth with new investments of more than 1,7 billion euros in clean energy electricity production and storage projects as well as environmental and waste management projects. Furthermore, TERNA ENERGY’s RES projects have contributed to:

  • substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (by about 1,1 m. tons of CO2 eq for 2019)
  • substantial savings in domestic conventional fuel consumption (savings of about 2,8 m.tons of lignite for 2019)
  • coverage of important energy needs (annual energy needs of more than 314.000 households)

TERNA ENERGY has a solid position in different types of Hydroelectric Projects with a portfolio of more than 25 projects in various stages of development all over Greece, with a combined capacity of 2.700MW. Among its most iconic projects are:

  • Amfilochia Pumped storage complex with two independent upper reservoirs: Ag. Georgios and Pyrgos of a total generation capacity of 680MW, which is included in the lists of Projects of Common Interest, as PCI 3.24, by the European Commission ( Its design studies were financed by CEF.
  • Amari Hybrid Power System, which is a complex power scheme, combining the Wind and Hydro production. TERNA ENERGY is selected as an IPP, by the Organization of Crete Development and it has signed a 25 years Contract. The Hybrid Station has an installed capacity of 75 MW (guaranteed capacity 50MW), combined with Wind Farm of 78MW.
  • Two operational small hydroelectric projects with a total installed capacity of 18 MW. Both of them are now in operation (Eleousa – 6,6 MW, Dafnozonara – 11,2 MW).

TERNA ENERGY is a strong pioneer of energy storage through Pump-Hydro Projects, as response to the necessary clean energy transition. It has already obtained production permits for more than 800MW of new pumped storage projects and has submitted applications for production licenses for another 1.600 ΜW in various parts of Greece.

Furthermore, TERNA ENERGY is committed in reducing the footprint of its hydropower plants to the surrounding areas by applying environmental, cultural and social criteria during design, construction and operation phase.

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