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OJSC TGEM leads in the construction of hydrotechnical and infrastructure facilities; boasting a history of more than six decades of carrying out construction, electrical installation and commissioning works at the largest facilities in the Central Asian region.  

The Tajikistan-based company's current active projects include the construction of Rogun HPP and Sebzor HPP, as well as the rehabilitation of the Kairakkum HPP and reconstruction of Nurek HPP.

The company is dedicated to international collaboration aimed at increasing decarbonisation in the energy sector and improving the environment to ensure sustainable societal development.

Tajikistan has a long history of collaboration with the International Hydropower Association, which has conducted reviews of projects such as the construction of the Sebzor HPP in the Roshtkala region to ensure compliance with international sustainability standards. Tajikistan is committed to these standards as part of its green energy development framework.



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