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Ukrhydroenergo is the largest hydropower generating company in Ukraine, 100% shares of which belong to the state. The company is on the list of 15 enterprises in the public sector of the economy, total assets comprising 70% of the total indicator in the public sector.

The Company includes ten power plants on the Dnipro and Dnister rivers.

Ukrhydroenergo provides coverage of peak loads, frequency and power regulation, and a mobile emergency reserve in the United Energy System of Ukraine.

Today the company was and is on the energy frontline in the Ukraine and has played an essential role in ensuring the reliability of the power system. Ukrhydroenergo remained profitable and intends to continue development and restoration projects. Company HPPs and PSPPs are actively involved in the balancing market, namely in adjusting the daily load schedule to cover peaks and troughs and in frequency/capacity control. In addition, when unloading nuclear and thermal power units during missile attacks, Ukrhydroenergo replaced the lack of generating capacity in the power system.  




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