2016 Key Trends in Hydropower

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download publication

The International Hydropower Association gathers statistics and monitors deployment and use throughout the year. 2016 Key Trends in Hydropower reveals that 33 GW of new hydropower capacity was added around the world in 2015 (including 2.5 GW of pumped storage), and highlights key recent trends in the sector.

The briefing includes graphical information on:

  • Hydropower capacity commissioned in 2015 by region
  • Global total intalled hydropower capacity at the end of 2015, broken down by leading countries
  • Worldwide distribution of pumped storage capacity at the end of 2015
  • Hydropower's contribution by region in terms of installed capacity, generation and technical potential

2015 Key Trends in Hydropower precedes the 2016 Hydropower Status Report, which will provide more in-depth analysis by region and will be published in April 2016.

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