2017 Hydropower Status Report

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download publication

The 2017 Hydropower Status Report provides a comprehensive overview of recent developments and trends in the sector around the world.

The report includes:

  • an overview of regional trends, highlighting new capacity added in 2016
  • detailed regional analysis of new capacity installations, projects in the pipeline and policy development
  • maps and data visualisations of deployment, generation, potentials, and more
  • a new map and infographic on long-distance transmission development
  • 17 new country profiles
  • analyis of key topics including:
  • climate resilience
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • green bonds
  • electricity storage
  • multipurpose reservoir
  • long-distance transmission
  • operations and maintenance
  • sediment managament and more
  • sustainability assessment

The report is compiled from data driven by our hydropower database of the world's hydropower stations and companies, built in collaboration with regulators, ministries and electricity associations, as well as the world’s station owners and operators. It also incorporates insights from our annual issues survey, which was fielded to a broad cross-section of hydropower professionals in December 2016.

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