Better Hydro: Compendium of Case Studies 2017

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Better Hydro: Compendium of Case Studies 2017 presents examples of excellence in specific aspects of sustainable hydropower development. The case studies have been compiled through a collaboration between the International Hydropower Association and the World Bank Group.

The collection of 34 case studies is based on assessments carried out under the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol, a tool developed through multi-stakeholder consensus that measures the sustainability of projects across a range of social, environmental, economic and technical considerations.

Topic case studies focus on specific aspects of development, such as ‘indigenous people’, ‘cultural heritage’, ‘economic viability’, and ‘water quality’ (23 are covered in total). In addition, the publication features five project-wide case studies that cover a broad geographical scope and focus on different stages of project development. Finally, six more general initiatives demonstrating innovative local and regional approaches are also detailed.

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