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Hydropower Erosion and Sedimentation: How to Guide

Hydropower Erosion and Sedimentation: How to Guide

IHA’s How-to Guide on Hydropower Erosion and Sedimentation supports project developers and operators in achieving good international industry practice.

Providing an overview of current knowledge on sustainably managing erosion and sedimentation from across the hydropower sector, the publication aims to increase understanding of practical measures that can be undertaken in conformance with the internationally recognised Hydropower Sustainability Tools.

The guide catalogues various methodologies and technologies for scoping and siting, assessment and monitoring, design and mitigation measures, related to sediment management in hydropower developmental and operation.

It summarises key issues in managing erosion and sedimentation upstream and downstream of a hydropower project, including sediment transport in rivers, erosion from project sites, damage to civil and electromechanical structures, and impacts from climate change.

The publication in addition highlights how managing erosion and sedimentation effectively can increase a project’s resilience to hydrological variability and play a role in climate change adaptation.

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