IHA Activity and Strategy Report 2018-2019

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download publication

The International Hydropower Association’s Activity and Strategy Report for 2018-2019 provides an overview of our mission to advance sustainable hydropower.

The publication shares highlights from IHA's knowledge building and sustainability programmes, looking at our work to share strategies which strengthen the sector’s performance.

The report also previews the World Hydropower Congress taking place in Paris, 14-16 May 2019. Read the press release.

Knowledge building programmes:

  • The status of hydropower: monitoring the sector
  • Clean energy systems: highlighting the expansion of hydropower’s role
  • Climate mitigation: assessing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Climate resilience: developing a guide
  • Green bonds: unlocking the market
  • Hydropower benefits: better reporting
  • Hydropower preparation facility: a model for sustainable projects
  • Modernisation: building knowledge on innovation
  • Operations and maintenance: advancing innovative strategies
  • Regional interconnections: connecting hydropower
  • River basin development: promoting collaboration
  • Sediment management: identifying good practices

Sustainability programmes

  • Supporting a suite of Hydropower Sustainability Tools
  • Building sustainable hydropower capacity around the world
  • Hydropower sustainability assessor training opportunities
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