Trends in Hydropower Financing

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It has long been accepted that every hydropower project is unique, and that bespoke design solutions are required for each project. It has also been recognised more recently that the market and concession arrangements for each project require tailored financing solutions.

With the plethora of financial instruments and funding sources now available, including new products such a green bonds, there is great scope for innovation, and bespoke solutions can be developed to suit the needs of individual developers.

This briefing explores trends in hydropower financing in 2016, including:

  • problems with the BOOT mechanism
  • the impact of cheap oil and gas
  • re-engagement of the multilaterals
  • donor-backed finance
  • public–private finance
  • commercial bonds
  • green bonds
  • innovative mixed finance

The briefing is authored by Mike McWilliams, head of hydropower at Mott MacDonald. It is also featured in the 2016 Hydropower Status Report.

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