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Frédéric SAUZE

ANDRITZ Executive Board Member and CEO ANDRITZ HYDRO GmbH

Frédéric Sauze is Executive Board Member of the ANDRITZ GROUP and CEO of the ANDRITZ HYDRO GmbH. ANDRITZ HYDRO, corporate member of the IHA is a global supplier of electromechanical systems and services (“from water-to-wire“) for hydropower plants and one of the leaders in the world market for hydraulic power generation.

Frédéric joined Andritz in 2013 and became a member of the Andritz Executive board in early 2023. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of ANDRITZ Hydro for the Service & Rehab Division North America; CEO of ANDRITZ S.A. de C.V., Mexico; President of ANDRITZ Hydro Corp., USA, after various management positions in the power industry.

It is important for him to emphasize that the focus on sustainability in the expansion of hydropower is particularly important in developing and emerging countries.

Andritz has been a Sustainability Partner of the IHA from the very beginning on and has always contributed to the multi-stakeholder dialogue when the Sustainability Tools were developed. Andritz is fully committed to the San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower, including a stop to new hydropower projects in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Andritz supports the worldwide establishment of the Hydropower Sustainability Standard.

Frédéric is specifically committed to any initiative that strengthens exchange and cooperation with other renewables in the sense of a common path towards the Paris Climate Goals and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. One of his particular concerns is to maintain and secure the specialist know-how for the future. He underlines that we need education initiatives and modern career opportunities to attract young people to our industry. Without young engineers, a sustainable and prosperous future of our industry would not be secured.

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