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Gabriel dos Santos Cruz ROCHA

Global Hydropower Lead, Worley

Gabriel dos Santos Cruz Rocha is the Global Hydropower Lead for Worley, a global engineering and consulting firm present in 49 countries and committed to delivering a more sustainable world.

Gabriel joined Worley as an engineering intern in 2000 and has grown in the company experiencing a range of positions, from technical to managerial and is now leading the business development of low carbon energy sector in Brazil.

As Global Hydropower Lead, Gabriel had the chance to participate, support and lead hydropower and pumped storage projects in all 5 continents of the globe, in countries such as Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Suriname, Canada, USA, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Mozambique, Australia, Papua New Guinee, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Spain, among others. Gabriel is a Subject Matter Expert for Hydropower, and his experience includes consulting and studies as well as project implementation and modernization, passing through environmental and social assessments, studies and program implementation.

Gabriel’s skillset includes: a large experience with numerous projects in different stages; a love for challenges and the required resilience to overcome barriers (quite frequent in Hydropower sector); a strong will to learn and explore new ideas; and an unshakable commitment that only sustainable hydropower is acceptable going forward. This toolbox allows him to be a great asset to the projects he embarks on.

Gabriel is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Hydraulics and Hydrology and a MBA in Business Management and has been an active advocate of sustainable hydropower, having participated in over 25 publications and/or presentations.

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