Voith Hydro: Intelligent modernisation of hydropower

The Vianden pumped storage hydropower plant situated on the border between Luxembourg and Germany is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Since it was first commissioned in 1964, it has undergone several upgrades, including most recently the installation of a new, smart motor generator manufactured by Voith Hydro.

Delivered for site operator SEO, the new motor generator will provide a much faster response time to adapt to changing requirements from the power grid, including intermittent generation by solar and wind power sources.  

Apart from that, the implementation of Voith’s digital asset management solution OnCare. Asset is helping to digitalise plant processes and will mean handwritten logs become a thing of the past at Vianden. Depending on their individual needs, hydropower operators can also go further and let data from the site be analysed remotely, allowing for potential maintenance issues to be identified and addressed before they cause problems.

This film was premiered at the 2021 World Hydropower Congress and produced by IHA and ITN Productions in collaboration with Voith Hydro. Featuring insights from Chief Operating Officer Dr Tobias Keitel, the film explores how plant modernisation combined with the implementation of digital hydropower solutions makes a hydropower plant futureproof and how this can increase the efficiency of the energy grid as a whole.

Voith Hydro was a Supporting Partner to the 2021 World Hydropower Congress.

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