World Hydropower Outlook: the need to double capacity in 30 years

As a clean, green modern and affordable source of renewable energy, sustainable hydropower has a crucial role to play in achieving global climate and development goals. 

However, data revealed in the International Hydropower Association's 2022 Hydropower Status Report shows that hydropower is simply not being developed fast enough for the planet to reach net zero targets.

Watch IHA's webinar 'World Hydropower Outlook: the need to double capacity in 30 years' to see energy leaders and expert commentators from IHA, REN21 and the International Energy Agency (IEA) present new global hydropower development data, discuss what it means for the clean energy transition, and highlight the opportunities to steer the world on course towards net zero.

Speakers include:

- Rana Adib, Executive Director, REN21

- Yasmina Abdelilah, Energy Analyst - Renewable Markets, International Energy Agency

- Alex Campbell, Head of Research and Policy, International Hydropower Association

- Rebecca Ellis, Energy Policy Manager, International Hydropower Association

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