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Angola’s hydropower potential is among the highest in Africa
Hydropower installed capacity
3,435 MW (2019)
Pumped storage installed capacity
Generation by hydropower
9.03 TWh (2019)

A country blessed with many rivers, Angola’s hydropower potential is among the highest in Africa, estimated at 18,200 MW.

This, coupled with increasing demand for electricity following years of strong economic growth and urbanisation, has placed hydropower development as a central element of the government’s long-term vision for its power sector.

The government’s stated aim is to substantially grow its hydropower generation capacity from its current levels of around 1,200 MW to 9,000 MW by 2025.

Angola’s hydropower development has been mainly located on the Kwanza River, the country’s largest river, as well as the Cunene River, in the south of the country near the Namibian border.

Read the full country profile in the 2017 Hydropower Status Report.

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