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Turkey is one of Europe’s leading markets for future hydropower development
Hydropower installed capacity
28,503 MW (2019)
Pumped storage installed capacity
Generation by hydropower
87.09 TWh (2019)

Due to a combination of abundant resources, a supportive government, and favourable policy framework, Turkey remains one of Europe’s leading markets for future hydropower development.

Sitting at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Turkey is a high-altitude country with over 25 river basins, including the trans-boundary Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

As part of its potential accession to the EU, Turkey has integrated its electricity infrastructure with that of Europe, while at the same time pursuing a strategy of overall energy diversification, including the development of all types of renewable energy.

Turkey has ambitious plans for hydropower. The country has stated its aspiration to mark 100 years as a republic in 2023 with a total installed electric power capacity of 100 GW – with 30 per cent of electricity generation coming from renewables.

Hydropower development will be further supported by Turkey’s interconnections into the European grid and potential for further linkages east into Asia.

Read the country profile published in the 2015 Hydropower Status Report.

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