Supergrid Institute latest organisation to join IHA membership

Supergrid Institute are the latest company to join IHA as members of our hydropower community. Established in 2014, the Institute is an independent privately owned company with over 150 employees of +20 different nationalities. Based in Lyon and Grenoble (France), the Institute is a key player for energy transition in France and throughout Europe, specialising in innovative high and medium voltage direct current (HVDC and MVDC) power systems. SuperGrid Institute provides technological solutions and services for its clients and partners to accelerate the development of future power grids and the massive integration of renewable energies, improving efficiency while ensuring the stability and security of the network.

Commenting on the announcement, Renaud Guillaume, Department Director, Power Storage & Balancing for the Institute said: “We are convinced that the transition to a low-carbon world will be made through hydropower. That’s why we are constantly innovating. Tomorrow's solutions are already at work in our laboratories, paving the way for greater flexibility in the energy systems of the future.”

Eddie Rich, CEO IHA, welcomed the new members: “The energy sector is constantly evolving thanks to the innovations of companies like the Supergrid Institute. We must continue to innovate if we are to deliver triple the renewable energy required by 2030 to be in with a chance of meeting net zero targets.”

As an active R&D key-player in Europe, SuperGrid Institute is also involved in several European funded projects, in particular XFLEX Hydro, LOLABAT and BILASURF.

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