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We produce a range of publications on hydropower's role in the world, and new trends and developments in the sector. You can browse available publications below.

2016 Key Trends in Hydropower

The International Hydropower Association gathers statistics and monitors deployment and use throughout the year.

Climate resilience workshop summary

In November 2015, the International Hydropower Association and World Bank Group collaborated to host a workshop on the resilience of hydropower to climate change.

2015 Hydropower Status Report cover

The 2015 Hydropower Status Report provides a comprehensive overview of recent development and trends in the sector worldwide.

Macroeconomic benefits of hydropower

The hydropower sector’s contribution to a sustainable and prosperous Europe is a new macroeconomic study of hydropower in Europe.

IHA Board candidates

This year's IHA Board elections will determine who will shape and direct the association's work in the 2017–19 period.