Sediment management

Research prize competition on reservoir sediment removal

Federal agencies in the USA have launched a research prize competition to find new or improved techniques to remove sediment from reservoirs in a cost-effective manner.

This is a theoretical challenge where solvers can provide ideas on sediment collection, transport, or delivery to the downstream river. Solvers are asked to submit their idea in the form of a white paper with detailed descriptions, drawings, illustrations, specifications, supporting data or literature, and any other items which would be necessary to bring the idea to practice.

Submissions for the competition must be made by 11.59 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on 4 January 2019. In the first stage of the competition, a total prize pool of $75,000 USD is available. The minimum full amount award is $15,000 USD.

To learn more, you can watch the informational video or visit InnoCentive's website.

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