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Webinar: Reservoir Sedimentation Management Options and Data Needs

Dr Greg Morris, co-author of the Reservoir Sedimentation Handbook and main contributor to the Sediment Management Knowledge Hub, will address reservoir sedimentation management options and data needs in a webinar organised by CIRES on 22 Febuary 2018.

RESCON 2 tool manual cover sediment management

Tool: Reservoir Conservation Model RESCON 2 Beta

Nikolaos P. Efthymiou, Sebastian Palt, George W. Annandale, Pravin Karki. Reservoir Conservation Model Rescon 2 Beta. Economic and Engineering Evaluation of Alternative Sediment Management Strategies. User Manual. Washington, DC: World Bank. License: Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0 IGO

water flowing river

Video: pressure flushing

This video demonstrates the process of pressure flushing: 

water flowing river

Video: drawdown flushing

This video demonstrates the process of drawdown flushing. 

Event: Training course on sediment management in reservoirs and run-of-river hydropower plants

The training course will cover the application of Reservoir Conservation Model RESCON2 and takes place on 4-6 October in Bangkok, Thailand.