Sediment management

Tool: Reservoir Conservation Model RESCON 2 Beta

Nikolaos P. Efthymiou, Sebastian Palt, George W. Annandale, Pravin Karki. Reservoir Conservation Model Rescon 2 Beta. Economic and Engineering Evaluation of Alternative Sediment Management Strategies. User Manual. Washington, DC: World Bank. License: Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0 IGO

The Reservoir Conservation Model RESCON 2 Beta tool presents the most advanced economic and engineering evaluation of alternative sediment management strategies. It builds on the Reservoir Conservation Model (RESCON) Approach published in 2003 which helps hydropower developers to carry out a preliminary screening analysis of viable sediment management alternatives. The upgrade to the RESCON 2 beta tool takes into consideration sustainability factors and hydrological uncertainties associated with climate change.

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