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We produce a range of publications on hydropower's role in the world, and new trends and developments in the sector. You can browse available publications below.

Unlocking hydropower potential through power export

Hydropower, as an affordable, reliable and sustainable source of electricity, has played an important role in the growth and industrialisation of many emerging market economies such as Laos, Kenya,

With growing populations and livelihoods, managing freshwater will be one of the major tasks for society in the foreseeable future.

2017 World Hydropower Congress programme overview

In 2017, IHA will convene the World Hydropower Congress for the first time in Africa.

IHA knowledge networks

IHA knowledge networks bring together hydropower professionals throughout our worldwide membership to share ideas and experiences, discuss new developments and collaborate on a range of key topics

Trends in Hydropower Financing

It has long been accepted that every hydropower project is unique, and that bespoke design solutions are required for each project.