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Meet our staff

Our team at central office, based in London (UK), works closely with the IHA Board, committees, working groups and networks to deliver our work programme. We also have a national office in China and a regional office for South America in Brazil.

Chief executive

  • Richard Taylor September 2017

    Richard M. TAYLOR

    Chief Executive

    Richard Taylor has been involved in the water and energy sectors since 1985, and his work has involved assignments in more than 50 countries worldwide...

Operations and membership

  • Kate Steel September 2017

    Kate STEEL

    Chief Operations Officer

    Kate is responsible for leading on all of our membership activities, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the association. She co-ordinates...

  • Steve Whelton 2017

    Steve WHELTON

    Chief Financial Officer

    Steve joined IHA in 2014 as our finance director. Working across IHA’s two corporate entities, he is responsible for all finance and tax matters...

  • Greg Tracz

    Greg TRACZ

    Chief Development Officer

    Greg Tracz joined the association in 2009 and now leads business development and strategic outreach for the association...

  • Marine DOMINGUEZ

    Business Development Officer

    Marine joined IHA in May 2018 in the new position of Business Development Officer. In this role, she supports the association’s growth by...

  • Gill McDonnell 2017

    Gill McDONNELL

    Support Officer

    Gill has been with IHA since February 2015. She works predominantly on operations and membership matters, maintaining the membership...

  • Karen SMITH

    Executive Assistant

    Karen joined IHA in January 2018 as an executive assistant. As well as supporting the Chief Executive, she works with the team... 


  • Will Henley 2017

    Will HENLEY

    Head of Communications

    Will Henley became IHA's Head of Communications in September 2017. He has extensive experience as a communications strategist working in...

  • Louis SCORZA

    Communications Officer

    Louis joined IHA’s communications team in December 2017. He takes a leading role in creating and managing the organisation’s digital and editorial output... 

Hydropower development

  • Mathis Rogner September 2017

    Mathis ROGNER

    Senior Hydropower Sector Analyst

    Mathis joined the hydropower development work programme in 2014. His work focuses on building and sharing knowledge on global hydropower development...

  • Bill Girling 2017

    Bill GIRLING

    Senior Hydropower Sector Analyst

    Bill Girling, PEng joined us in 2016 as interim director of our hydropower development work programme, overseeing our...

  • Nick Troja September 2017

    Nick TROJA

    Senior Hydropower Sector Analyst

    Nick joined the hydropower development work programme in 2016.  His work focuses on building and sharing knowledge on...

  • Maria UBIERNA September 2017

    María UBIERNA

    Senior Hydropower Sector Analyst

    María joined the hydropower development work programme in January 2017. Her work focuses on building and sharing knowledge on sustainable hydropower development...

  • Cristina Diez Santos 400x400

    Cristina DIEZ SANTOS

    Hydropower Sector Analyst

    Cristina joined our knowledge building team in August 2017. Her work focuses on...

  • David SAMUEL

    Hydropower Sector Analyst

    David joined our knowledge building team in October 2017. His work focuses on building and sharing knowledge on global hydropower...


  • Frank Faraday September 2017

    Frank FARADAY

    Sustainability Programme Manager

    Frank joined IHA’s Sustainability Team in April 2017. His work focuses on supporting the governance...

  • Joao COSTA

    Sustainability Specialist

    Joao joined IHA’s sustainability team in October 2017. His work focuses on developing the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol...

  • Kay RHODES

    Sustainability Administration Officer

    Kay joined the IHA sustainability team in January 2018. She contributes to the implementation and governance of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol... 

China National Office

  • Chen Liang

    CHEN Liang

    China National Liaison Officer

    Chen Liang is the liaison officer of our China National Office, based at the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR) ...

South American Regional Office

  • Paulo Afonso MARANHÃO FARIA

    South America Regional Liaison Officer

    Paulo Afonso Maranhão Faria holds an Electrical Engineer degree and a Telecommunications Specialist degree...